They are all in good hand.

Don’t worry! All the elephants that move here at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary Village will be taking care by
our local community mahouts who had long time experience with the elephants.


  • Female
  • Around 30 Years old
  • LOVE : Eat
  • Elephanality : calm
  • Join Sanctuary Village : in Feb 2019
  • Reason to join : get bacteria in her fang and ears.

Asia joined the sanctuary village as she is not able to work for her ex-employers. She got infect and injure. We took her in and she happy to live with us.


  • Female
  • Around 38 Years old
  • LOVE : Splash the water, eating in the forest.
  • Elephanality : Joyful
  • Join Sanctuary Village : in June 2019
  • Reason to join : No home, No place to welcome her.

Mook used to be a show elephants travelled all over the place. Doing performance and show in order to trade for foods. Nowadays, she no longer need to travel around and the shelter as she already home with us.


  • Female
  • 11 Years old
  • LOVE : Bathing & Soy Milk
  • Join Sanctuary Village : Since 2 years old.
  • Reason to join : lost both of her parents.

Vassana is our first member at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary Village. We need to take her in as she had lost her parents and not able to survive alone in the jungle in age of 2.



  • Male
  • 3 Years old
  • LOVE : Love to drink Soy Milk & Play in the mud
  • Elephanality : Playful
  • Join Sanctuary Village : Since Feb 2019.
  • Reason to join : Being an orphan

Rocky is the our youngest elephant baby at our sanctuary village. He is the most playful one as he is still young and full with energy.