The elephant is Thailand's symbol

How elephants became a symbol of Thailand

The elephant is Thailand’s symbol that can be observed from many places in Thailand will be decorated with elephant things such as temples, houses, amusement parks, and famous Thai drinks.

There are many reasons why elephants are Thai symbols.

In the past, elephants were used for the war which is an important force in the battle for independence of Thailand. Each victory will depend on the strength of the elephant and the general. Moreover, the Thai king had a white elephant in the past which Thai believed that elephants are symbols of strength durability and long life.

Thailand is a nation with various traditions that have been done for a long time in which these traditions arise from faith in sacred things. In various traditions, elephants were brought to perform in a sacred ceremony, royal ceremonies, and other ceremonies

Moreover, The painting of Thai elephants appears in all important places in Thailand such as temples. Most of which are decorated with paintings of Thai elephants and elephant statues.

Nowadays, a lot of elephants were used in the tourism industry and many businesses have brought elephants to perform in various shows which all are elephant tortures. Please Stop torturing elephants by stopping elephant’s riding and stop watching elephant shows, then try to preserve elephants together with the Phuket Elephant sanctuary village.