Thai Elephant Day

Thai Elephant Day

An elephant is a Thai national animal and has been with Thai people for a long time. Every March 13 of every year was assigned to be Thai Elephant Day. Thai Elephant Day established from a subcommittee of the Thai Elephant conservation organization. Due to Thai Elephant Day will help Thai people turn their attention to elephants, love elephants, take care of elephants, as well as give more help and conservation of elephants.

Importance of Thai elephants

The elephant is a royal animal of the King of Thailand. Or known as The White Elephant, a sacred animal that praises the honor and majesty of the King. The White Elephant is regarded as the master of the heavens.

An elephant is a protector of national independence in Thailand. In Thai history, an elephant is a co-protector of Thai independence with Thai people for a long time.

Elephants in various royal ceremonies. Thailand has a tradition for a long time in which these traditions are beliefs and faith in sacred things. In various Thai traditions, elephants are performed for auspicious ceremonies such as the royal ceremony, coronation ceremony, and many other royal ceremonies.

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